ArtHood 56 Gallery exhibit

Located in the most diverse and upcoming hot spot in the 7th ave creative district in

ArtHood56 is a space built for the art community. In this environment, artists have
various opportunities to collaborate amongst each other. It is a place for interactive
participation. We encourage open dialogue across backgrounds, mediums, interests,
and cultures.

The gallery serves as space rental for all types of gathering, for anyone ready to level-
up their next experience.

It can be used to host artistic installations, fashion shows, exhibitions, productions, conferences, pop galleries, classes, social network events, launches, brainstorming gatherings, and even product pop shops! It’s(or It is)completely open to one’s imagination. 

The  building artwork

Daniela Sanchez-Vegas is a multi-talented artist from Costa Rica, Venezuela.

Daniela has created, designed and painted the ArtHood56 building defining its identity. The stylized lines of black and white tones give the cornered structure a unique style that cannot be missed in the rising neighborhood of the 7th Av. creative district. Since then, the building has become a stamp of the neighborhood while it continues to draw artists and visitors into the gallery.


Artist and Citizen of the World

Daniela Sanchez-Vegas / Daniela SV Art

Born in 1986, she is a natural and captivating artist. Recognized for her ingenious way to create amazing pieces of art with her own creativity, straying away from the traditionally, giving life to all her creations with an owned color palette and of grayscale patterns. Her art presentation leans toward the abstract combined with mixed techniques that head a sustainable, eco-friendly initiative.

Born in Caracas, Venezuela the 2nd of September, Daniela started her studies on Social Communications at Juan Santa Maria de Caracas University and then moved with her mother to San Jose Costa Rica. It is in Costa Rica that her passion for and creativity for eco-friendly proposals and nature conservation was born. Jumping from job to job that did not tickle her passion, she kept studying digital illustration and fashion design.

After refocusing her career options and going through a difficult personal and professional time; she decides in association with her mother to create "Re-Inventando muebles ecologicos". Which translates to: Re-invented ecological furniture. This company came about out of the need to create something different, creative and ecological. At this point is when Daniela gives free will to her creativity and passion to build and create. This company becomes quickly recognized in Costa Rica due to it’s option of giving an artistic and ecological twist to furniture design. This by reutilizing and giving new life to a lot of material which would have usually been categorized as trash and end up in a landfill. Well, a lot of amazing art pieces have come out of that material.

It is about 2015 that Daniela starts experimenting with painting and "El arte de amar" ( the art of loving) is her first presentation coinciding with St. Valentines season that year.

This collection provided this young artist with a lot of personal discovery and why not, some surprise. All this adding to her known vibrant and colorful style. Short time after she travels for the first time to the United States and at the "Raw Artist/LMNT/ Miami Jul 15 she officially showcases her first art collection which includes work on canvas- acrylic and mix technics abstract named: Colors for the world.

It was not long after this that Daniela began utilizing different garments as her canvas and by thru this developing and launching the "Art to go" concept.

Basically, why keep art hanging on walls or standing on pedestals when you could take it with anywhere you go. Among the garments used mostly are: jackets, shoes, hats, caps, t-shirts, watches and many other wearable accessories. Each piece is of course unique, and there is never a piece of garment like another. Some of her brand’s slogans are: "Being original is not for everyone" And "We need more color for the world".

She has a cool approach of combining art with quality material, hand painted and in tone with current fashion.

Daniela seeks to be different by displaying originality, exclusivity and art.

Some of her pieces have been worn by known personalities who have identified and loved the initiative #blackisthenewrainbow 

She is a talented artist with a lot of creativity and drive to keep CREATING. Which is one of her biggest passions. Currently Daniela is promoting her concept in North America transmitting a rainbow of emotions...

She experiment in any medio of art, this time she start making murals around Miami, her master piece was made in Arthood 56 Little Haiti showing her ability to make perfect combination with the black and white patters.

Be sure she will keep doing what she loves and coming up with new ideas.

Artist Statement!

Through painting, I seek to express colour in all its beauty. I also use it as an opportunity to explore the range of possibilities allowed through subtle changes colour choice, composition, method of application, surface preparation, etc. My art is not an excuse to represent imagery or direct aspects from the real world, I like to believe we are not alone in this immense universe. This may not be the popular view, but to me, art speak gibberish is art's own worse enemy. The object is always there, and it should be discussed directly. Rather than carefully stepping around the object and and thinking about what it might be, I focus on what it is. For inspiration, I look the nature, my dreams and the experience that make us grow...

Instagram : @danielasvart

Facebook: Daniela SV Art







The main gallery venue is constructed with no center columns, offering a cinema style space with no obstructions, making the possibilities almost endless. We’ve built a specialty entry at the back of the building, allowing you to easily, enter big pieces of equipment or works of art  into the building, quick and effortlessly.







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