Betty Fleisher

Born in Brooklyn, New York resides in Miami, Florida. She has had many solo and group exhibitions in the United States including New York City, Miami, Palm Beach, New England, and Texas.
Education: Fl. Int. University, BFA; Goddard College. MA
Collections: Hollywood Art & Culture Center; Neiman Marcus Permanent Collection, Coral Gables, Fl. and Boca Raton. Fl.
Teaching Experience: Florida Int. University; Miami Dade Comm. College, Art History and Studio Classes.

Edgar Gutierrez

Gutierrez studied at the Neptalí Rincón School of Visual Arts From 1977 to 1982. He complete his art studies at the Cecilio Acosta University (Masters in Fine Arts), in Maracaibo, Venezuela from 1984 to 1989. Resident of the United States of America. Since 1994 he lives in Miami

Didi Kadosh

Hailing from a background in architecture and construction, David Kadosh better known as Didi; breathes new life into his light fixture sculptures. As his art-form evolved in a new direction, it has also transcended from conversational material to works that address identity and style. The dialog constructed in his work explores the themes of resistance movement whilst pushing forward experimentally to engage and ignite the viewers senses. Didi’s designs are heavily based in modernized Art Deco motifs; turning melding copper tubes and unique glass bulbs into soft and elegant yet dominant fixtures.

Bonnie Donaghy

I am an American born artist currently living in Miami. Inspiration: Fashion style & attitude from my years living in New York City. Media: Acrylic & mixed media on canvas Study: School of the Art Institute/Chicago. Exhibitions: Spectrum Miami/Art Basel Week Various galleries & shows in the Chicago area Private Collections: My work is in private collections in the U.S. & Europe

Jose Mora

Born in Bocono, Estado Truillo, Venezuela in 1955. Graduated from the School of Visual Arts "Cristobal Rojas", Jose Mora, is a Cinetic artist that relates movement, structure and distance. One major influence in his art career and inspiration is Jesus Soto, well known for his mastery in techniques. Mora has taken this inspiration on his journey as well. Awards include- 1977 National Award for the Trujillo State 1980 Diploma of Honor in Bogota, Colombia. 1984 Mara de Oro, in Barinas State. 1995 Diploma of Honor Exhibition Hotel Eurobuildin.

Gustavo Aldolfo Diaz Urdaneta

Gadu is the name of a creative Venezuelan focused on the development of naive art (NAIF) for several years, whose distinctive is the color, for and expression, embodied on canvas, fabric, figures and any other surface receiving its generous oil painting anfd its prodigious inventiveness.

Fabien Rocca

Fabien Rocca was born in South of France, in Corsica, October 8, 1973. He studied at the Julian Academy Met De Penninghen in 1992. He obtained his PhD in June 1996, and worked as an Artistic Director for 'Singapore', an advertising agency in Paris. In June 1997, deciding to give a more personal meaning to his work, he went to Germany searching for new inspiration. Having mastered different technics, he expressed the desire to share his art in Florida and painted his first serie of artwork.......




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